The Alexander Technique

Improves Poise & Performance – Reduces Pain

Named after F.M. Alexander, the method teaches you how to bring more practical intelligence into what you are already doing. You learn to notice your activities and are given the experience of how your body can work better. You eliminate stereotype responses and archive better results with less energy.

Individual lessons

Traditional teaching of the Alexander technique helping against over tensions, back pain and stress. You can book your sessions on Gotland as well as in other towns in connection with workshops or lectures.

Seminars and lectures

Lectures include a theoretical and a practical part, aiming at giving an overall picture of methods and ideologies of movement formation. The participants will get more knowledge about how to become movable again and understand how to manage tasks without strain injuries and stress related problems.


Arranging regular introduction courses as well as workshops with focus on balance, performance and presence. International courses for performers and teachers are given on Gotland as well as in England and Ireland.

Professional development – Further educational work

Offering development of workplace environment and group dynamics in companies with focus on balance as well as development of ergo-dynamic processes to promote health and further education within leadership development.