Teacher workshops

Teacher workshops
Teacher workshops

What an incredible three days with Wolfgang!! Without exception the 15 participants were overwhelmed by the inspirational teaching given by Wolfgang on balance in movement. ‘Life changing’, ‘awesome’, ‘inspiring’, these are just a sample of comments throughout the workshop. read  a review (Workshop with Wolfgang Weiser at East Anglia Centre for Alexander Technique November 2014) For me Wolfgang’s ability to work intuitively with each individual at their own pace and to be completely attentive to each one whilst being totally professional, was impressive. With a mixed group of teachers, trainees and experienced pupils, he pitched his programme at just the right level for all. One pupil summed him up thus, ‘he has the Midas touch!’. Thank you so much Wolfgang, we look forward to a return visit.  Sandra Waller, Head of Training, Co-Director ATE UK

Comments on the workshop given in London at Hite nov 20th 2014:

  • Very enjoyable workshop on balance. Given me lots to play with!
  • Practical and useful games.  Appreciated.
  • Really inspirational on exploration of movement.
  • Fun, inspiring, liberating.
  • Wolfgang is a great Alexander teacher.  He should come more often.